In Case Of Miracle Break Glass Shirt


  • White Small

  • White Medium

  • White Large

  • White X-Large

  • White 2X-Large

  • Red Small

  • Red Medium

  • Red Large

  • Red X-Large

  • Black Small

  • Black Medium

  • Black Large

  • Red 2X-Large

  • Black X-Large

  • Black 2X-Large


We can’t guarantee that this t-shirt will get you a miracle, but it will certainly get a few laughs, or at least an amused smile. That’s when you throw down a witty one-liner, get her phone number, and make the miracle happen. We’ll provide the conversation starter; the rest is on you.

Choose bright red to grab attention, clean white to make the picture stand out, or jet black to add a sense of mystery. The shirt is perfect for either a night out with your friends or a day lazing around the house. However, we don’t recommend wearing it around your grandparents. All three colors look great with jeans, and are perfect for even the most desperate man’s wardrobe.

Really Awesome T-Shirts is not responsible for confused looks, random giggles, attempts to actually break the glass, or any other casualties that may be a result of this shirt.

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